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Meditation reaches into all areas of our lives, profoundly transforming who we are. As previously discussed, it is the art of non-doing. It is intuitive. It is about deep listening. It bears fruit in knowledge and creativity. Now, we look at the related practice of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is the active side of meditation.

Meditation lets go of the focus of the conscious mind, mindfulness takes it back up. If concentration is e...

David Lynch, the creator of the cult TV series Twin Peaks and a host of arthouse films, has spoken widely about the knowledge and creativity benefits of meditation. He followed the same “TM” tradition as the Beatles and Deepak Chopra, popularised from the ancient Vedas of India by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

Meditation links to knowledge and creativity

At ICR, we too affirm the link between meditation, knowledge and creativity for s...

In the last blog, concentration and meditation were compared and contrasted. 

In this blog we look at the relationship between meditation and listening.

A key skill to the practice of (interfaith) conflict resolution is listening. It is also key to cultivating the meditative disposition. Like the Chinese sage, you may have noticed that we have one mouth but two ears. The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying : “When you talk, you are o...

‘Meditation’ is a word thrown around a lot and most people think it is something you do. You can sit in ‘the lotus’, like a latter-day buddha with batted lids, and strike some cool ‘mudras’ with your fingers or hands. Or you can sit in a chair if you have dicky knees, with palms on your thighs. Then comes the real doing - you “om” your way to enlightenment; or “shema” to the rythym of your ruach; or “maranatha” till the spirit...

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