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Why has Tom devoted many years to facilitating groups in classical wisdom and interfaith traditions? Christian by birth and practice, he has nevertheless, since boyhood, always wondered why there were so many paths in the world -  to Truth, God or Ultimate Reality. Tom was never content to ‘stay among my own kind’, ethnically, culturally, socially and religiously. He has always wanted to grow as a spiritual being by identifying with seekers of Truth from all traditions. He has attempted to see the path that stretches before them, both as individuals and in their groups. His deep-held conviction is that whatever measure of Truth he has been fortunate enough to apprehend has nothing to fear, and everything to gain, from encountering aspects of Truth in other places.  Tom has worked in high energy and high conflict environments - for example, as a residential care worker among the intellectually disabled, in the early days of their reintegration into normal community life. Whilst with the disability services, he completed formal, in-service training in conflict resolution. Those skills have been widely adapted and applied since then, yet the same principles governing resolution of a household quarrel can apply to international affairs. Through a spectrum of conflicts and challenges, Tom has facilitated a diverse range of professionals - from educators, natural health therapists, midwives, retailers, business people & school students - to work with a deeper sense of purpose in serving their clients & community.




Derrian is a wife and mother of four whose key attribute of spontaneity makes her a memorable and effective communicator and educator. Derrian is a Christian on mission reaching out through interfaith dialogue. She believes that constructive dialogue can promote mutual understanding between individuals as well as strengthen her own faith. Derrian's main concern is in building relationships of mutual love and respect between groups, as opposed to oppressive and hostile relationships that inevitably lead to further divisions and even bloodshed. She sees each tradition as bringing unique insights that can add to the conversation and enhance the overall understanding of complex theological matters. 

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